Pure Clay Detoxifying Gel Wash


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The “Pure Clay Detoxifying Gel Wash Detox and Brighten” is packaged in a secure pale green squeezable tube with black inscription on it and a snap lid. The tube has a transparent section showing the color of the cleanser itself which is a greyish-black in this case because of the charcoal.


The cleanser has a slimy runny texture that mousses upon application.


This product has a flowery charcoal smell.

Skin Type:

The “Pure Clay Detoxifying Gel Wash Detox and Brighten” is suitable for all skin types.


In the morning and the evening, apply a dollop of the cleanser on a wet face and massage in circular motions while focusing on the T-zone. Wash out thoroughly.


We tested this cleanser on sensitive skin and as recommended by the brand. The “Pure Clay Detoxifying Gel Wash Detox and Brighten” was easy to apply because of the runny nature of the product that foamed when applied to wet skin. While massaging the product on the face we found it to be refreshing, and after washing the face, the skin looked brighter and seemed to be cleansed from impurities. After the first use, the face looked brighter and felt softer and the t-zone was balanced out. There was no residue left on the skin after we washed it. The cleanser itself is soap-free, so it was gentle on the skin while unclogging the pores. After several uses, we found that the product can be drying for the skin, so we recommend hydrating the face after use with a moisturizer.


This product has an average price of $9/150 mL which is comparable to other products in the same range like Garnier’s “Skinactive Skin + Shine Control Cleansing Gel” that sells officially at $7.9/150 mL and remains cheaper than Origin’s “Clear Improvement Active Charcoal Exfoliating Cleansing Powder to Clear Pores” which sells at $30/50ml.


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Pure Clay Detoxifying Gel Wash😍

Every teenager having acne in her face should use this product. It is easy to use, twice a day , by focusing on the forehead, nose and chin. Moreover it is available at a veryyyy affordable price.🤑 I would never stop using this product 🙅🏽‍♀️ REALLY it is a bag essential that every girl should have.

literally Amazing!!!!!!!

Well for me l’areal is one of the best brand for skin care. I use this gel wash every day and it gives glow to your skin and makes it supper soft, fresh and clean. I highly recommend this one and in summer days I recommend to use it morning and before going to bed. Plus it is very affordable and everyone can purchase it to benefit from it

love love love

This product is definitely a winner. What I love about this is that it is very much affordable and lasts for a long time and has amazing results. I have had this product for over 6 months and I use it every day as a morning wash for my face and still I have half of it left. One drop goes a long way. Another thing that I love about this product is that it doesn’t dry the face. My face is a normal to dry skin and many face washes have the tendency to dry my face as soon as I apply the towel to remove water. Hence moisturizer is needed after those. However with this product, moisturizer is an option (of course it is better but if you didn’t it wouldn’t feel drying). I always get compliments about my face and how clear my skin in where in fact it isn’t but this product cleanses the face like no other, and detoxifies it by removing the impurities. The greatest thing is that I got the January box yesterday and it contained this product ! What’s better is the range that this product offers.


It’s only yesterday that I got the January box, and omg what shall I say about this product. I’ve been wanting to test it long ago and as I got it I directly opened it and started using it. It was super easy to apply as it turns into foam when applied to wet skin. It cleanses, refreshes, brightens the skin, and removes all impurities. I’ve started to feel something like all Loreal products are must haves. This one is HIGHLY RECOMMENDED.


The best cleanse i have been using since a yeasr according to its proce its amazning and you see the result from several uses

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