Q: How do I subscribe to Ounousa Reviews?
A: To subscribe to Ounousa Reviews all you have to do is click on this link. You will then need to fill information related to your contact details and other preferences. An email will confirm your registration.

Q: How do I recover my password, in case it is forgotten?
A: Go to the “Login” page, and under “Registered Member” click on “Forgot your password?”. To reset your password, you will be asked to enter your email address or username (the one you used to register on the platform). A link will be sent to the email address you filled and it will then direct you to a page to reset your password.

Q: How do I add a photo to my profile?
A: Once your register on Ounousa Reviews, you will be able to check and modify the information of your profile and of course add a picture if you haven’t done so already. The first step would be to access your account by clicking on your name or username appearing on top of the homepage.
Once in your Account, click on “Edit Profile Info” under the “Profile Info” tab. You will access then Your Profile on Ounousa Reviews. Click on the camera icon to upload a photo then select a picture to set it as your profile picture. Click on “Update Profile” at the bottom of the page to confirm the changes.


Q: How do I review a product that’s not on Ounousa Reviews?
A: If you would like to share your feedback about a product that you’ve tested and that is not yet listed on Ounousa Reviews, please use the Contact Us form available in the footer. In the message, please mention both the name of the brand and the name of the product. Once we receive your request, we will assess whether the product fits into our categories. We will then notify you by email as soon as the product page is created. You will then be able to add your review.

Q: I submitted my review but I forgot to mention an important point / I wanted to correct a typo. How can I edit it?
A: You can access all the reviews you have written on Ounousa Reviews through your account, under the “My Reviews” tab. Once you identify the review you want to modify, click on the button “View”. It will redirect you to the page of the product that you reviewed, where you will see the following sentence: “You have already reviewed this product. Check your review”. Once you click on “Check your review” you will find the content that you have submitted and all you have to do is click on the “Edit” button. You will then have the possibility to modify your rating for the product, the title you have filled for your review as well as the text itself. To make sure that these changes are accounted for, click on “Update Review”.

Q:Can I post links to my personal blog, website, or social media channels?
A: To keep the quality of product reviews relevant and valuable, we ask that you DO NOT post any links to personal blogs, websites, YouTube channels or social media outlets, unless the intent of these posts is to support, confirm or deter information that is provided in a review. Any content that is found to be promotional for a product, service or e-commerce platform will be deleted.

Q: Are members allowed to sell items on Ounousa Reviews?
A: No selling is permitted on Ounousa Reviews. Any post that includes advertising or affiliate links will be removed.


Q: If I subscribe does it mean I will get a free Ounousa Reviews box every month?
A: Every month, we choose 50 random winners out of our subscriber base in Lebanon and the UAE. Each of the 50 randomly selected subscribers receives a box with free products inside, delivered at no cost to the address they have filled when they registered. In return, each recipient needs to test and share their feedback on the products by writing a review on Ounousa Reviews.
If you write consistently good quality reviews on Ounousa Reviews, your name will appear more in the draw, which will increase your chances of being selected.

Q: How will you choose what will go in my Ounousa Reviews Box?
A: The Ounousa Reviews Box is carefully prepared each month to offer you a generous selection of skincare, haircare and makeup products. The selection is done by the team based on brand partnerships, and may include new launches, limited editions and best sellers.

Q: How can you make sure that you send me the [right] product that works with my skin tone, skin type or hair type?
A: It is important for us that you receive the products that best fit your:

  • skin tone (thinking about foundations, powders, lipsticks…), or
  • skin type (for the face creams, serums, sunscreens…) or
  • hair type (in the case of hair care products which are usually targeted for oily, dry, colored hair) and why not,
  • your hair color (shampoos, conditioners, masks…).
This way we ensure that you can test and objectively assess the effect of these products on your skin or hair. For this purpose, we recommend that you fill your profile upon registering as exhaustively as possible. Completing your profile will also increase your chances of being selected among the 50 recipients of the Ounousa Reviews box whenever this box includes products to be tested among a particular target (women with blond hair; women between 45 and 55 years old; women with dry skin, etc…)

Q: If I was selected once to receive the Ounousa Reviews box, can I receive it again or is it a one-time thing?
A: It is not a one-time thing as long as you fulfill your part of the deal. Good reviewers i.e people who review more products and who do this well (please refer to the question: “What is a good review”) have higher chances of being selected another time than people who review partially or not at all. In the opposite, users who receive the box and don’t review any product are excluded from the draw and don’t get a chance to be selected in any further draw.

Q: What do you consider as a good review?
A: Once we select the 50 recipients each month, we send each a detailed email on the next steps and the recommended ways to write a good review. Typically, a good review is one that is:

  • authentic: any copy-pasting from other sources is identifiable and you need to have tested the product yourself
  • objective and supported by real observations: if you loved the product, you should explain why, and if you didn’t like it you should be able to explain why it did not suit you
  • most importantly informative: the reader needs to learn something from you.

Q: If I registered on the platform and didn’t get the Ounousa Reviews box yet, does it mean there is something wrong with my registration?
A: Once you fill your profile and register on Ounousa Reviews you will receive a confirmation email that you are now a registered user. You can post, review products and you will get to receive your free box of products provided your name appears in the monthly draw. If you haven’t received your box yet, there is nothing wrong. The process is not systematic and relies on luck (it’s a random selection). But you can improve your chances by becoming a top reviewer: the more you review products, the more you increase the possibility of being selected.

Q: If I received an email that I have won the box and didn’t receive my Ounousa Reviews box, what does it mean?
A: If your name is selected in the draw, you will be receiving an email from us to inform you that you are among the 50 winners of the month. We will then get in contact with you individually either by phone or by email to confirm the address at which you would like to receive your box. This is why it is very important to make sure that your contact details (filled in your profile) are accurate and correct. The box is normally delivered in 2 to 5 business days following confirmation of your address. If you still didn’t get your box, we kindly ask you to reach out to us either via Whatsapp or email and inquire about the status of your delivery. We will get in contact with the shipper and update you accordingly.

Q: You notified me by email that my name was selected in the draw to be among this month’s winners, however I discovered it in my Spam folder later. Am I still going to receive an Ounousa Reviews box, or will it be too late?
A: We usually wait 1-2 business days and call the winners who haven’t replied to our email to make sure they will be able to receive the Ounousa Reviews box. If we are not able to join you neither by phone nor email, we unfortunately have to select another winner. We recommend you always check your emails and Spam folder and most importantly keep checking our stories on Ounousa’s Instagram where we publish the monthly list of winners.

Q:I represent a brand and I would like to explore collaboration opportunities on Ounousa Reviews. How do we get in contact?
A: Kindly contact us:

The team will make sure to answer you at the earliest and suggest meeting schedules to tailor a proposal just for you.