About Us

Ounousa Reviews is a platform dedicated to providing consumers with authentic and honest product reviews in make-up, skincare and hair care.

Our reviews are both from the inside and the outside!

Each product featured on our platform is first reviewed by a passionate team of beauty editors.
The review written by Ounousa‘s editorial team includes a detailed analysis on the characteristics of the beauty product, along different criteria such as packaging, texture, effect, and price. Analysis is also further supported by a tutorial video, providing a real test experience. The information is shared in an objective and quantitative way, through a rating system.

In line with our editorial principles, we commit to present unbiased reviews that reflect our true feedback. While we care about always setting your interest as a priority, we acknowledge that our views might sometimes not be aligned with all. This is why we chose to open the discussion and create an interface where beauty and make-up lovers can share their experience on the products they have tested.

Ounousa Reviews enables each one of you to become a reviewer. All you have to do is register and fill the information to create your profile. Once your profile is created, you can rate the product and write your personal review on the platform.

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