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The “Secret D’Excellence” by Galenic is packaged in a luxurious-looking glass container with a silver screw-on lid. The cream is white and can be seen-through the transparent container. And the product and brand information are printed in black on it.


This anti-aging cream has a lightweight texture.


This product has a pleasant smell that is not overpowering.


Use this cream in the morning and in the evening by apply it to the face and neck.


We tested the “Secret D’Excellence” by Galenic on sensitive skin. After consistent use, we noticed that the product was very gentle on the skin. In fact, it did not cause any visible irritation or redness. After application, the product penetrated the skin instantly and had a matte finish.
The “Secrect D’Excellence” made the skin feel much softer and smoother. It helped reduce visible signs of aging, especially around the eyes and mouth.
The product did not feel sticky when applied, nor did it make the skin feel oily. Instead, the rich formula moisturized and hydrated the face and the neck deeply. This gave a glow to the face and made it look more radiant.
We also noticed that the “Secret D’Excellence” worked as an effective make-up primer.
Overall, this cream feels very luxurious on the skin and with time it helps aging signs subside. Also, the neck looked tighter and brighter.
However, for oily skin, we would recommend a cream with an even lighter texture that would also work on controlling the production of excess sebum.


The “Secret D’Excellence” by Galenic sells at an average market price of $122/50mL which is pricier compared to products in the same range like Matriskin’s “High Performance Cream” which retails at an average price of $111/50mL and Filorga’s “Hydra Filler” which sells at $90/50mL. It remains cheaper however, than La Mer’s “The Lifting and Firming Mask” which retails at $250/50ml.


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This is Bougie and it works!!

I can’t afford to like this but i absolutely love it! the ‘secret’ was the way it smoothed out the lines as it contains silicone as an ingredient! the ingredient list is great for mature skin that’s kinda dry. I found it to be fitting as a makeup base! and it does hydrate well! it has all the ingredients to refresh dull and tired skin! i also like the bougie high end packaging. Would totally see myself splurging on this one!

Magic in a jar

This galenic cream is amazing really in this weather my skin is sooo dry I used every day & night & my skin still hydrating I highly recommend it & my mom love this product cause it help reduce signs of aging for her skin on future

highly recommended

Me and my mom have been using this product for 10 days now. very smooth on the skin and the sent is pleasant and light. It is really hydrating too

Galénic : conquered

Having a naturally dry skin, I know about moisturizer. Galenic Secret d’Excellence is one of the creams that really conquered me. All I need is a small dose on my face to moisturize all day. I highly recommend it.

Luxury at work

I received SECRET D’EXCELLENCE THE CREAM by Galénic from Ounousa Reviews in the generous November box. This product has snow algae as its main ingredient which is capable of surviving in the harshest weather conditions. This element will interact with our skin and give it the ability to stay young and healthy and fight against aging factors. Also, it contains vitamins B3, E, and C which will brighten up your complexion, blurring agents which will provide a matte finish, hyaluronic acid and glycerin to moisturize your skin and keep it plumped. Packaging: I received this in the sample size but it looks just as flawless and fancy as the full-sized one. The product comes in a jar which looks luxurious and has a moderately thick consistency. It smells like a regular cream (not a fragrance or a strong perfume smell). Experience: I have combo skin which gets oily on my forehead and nose areas a lot and I was concerned that this would grease me up since it has a thick texture but surprisingly it did not. I applied this for around 3 weeks after the Matriskin RL/3 and it did an amazing job. I have been waking up in the morning with a silky feeling on my skin and I usually wake up with heavily oily face. It glides on so easily and keeps your face well-nourished even after hours of application. Also I have realized that my face has brightened up due to the Vitamin C effect (good commitment and routine application is required to reach such results). If you feel like splurging on a luxurious face cream that actually WORKS then go ahead and order this from

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