Eye Perimeter 360 degrees Serum

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The Matriskin Eye Perimeter serum comes in a small white cardboard box, with the name of the product written in large orange letters. Read More

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The Matriskin Eye Perimeter serum comes in a small white cardboard box, with the name of the product written in large orange letters. On the box, the ingredients are listed, and the application advice for the product is included, in several languages.
The box contains a small cream container as well as a package insert, detailing everything you need to know about the cream, the brand, etc. similarly to a product commonly found in pharmacies.
The product container is a small, white pump-bottle with a see-through transparent plastic cap. It follows the same design as the cardboard box, with the name of the product in English and French in an orange font, as well as directions for use in both languages. The pump is quite small, so it allows you to only get the right quantity of serum, without any waste. The product is quite discreet and simple, on top of being small which makes it easy to pack on your trips.


The Eye Perimeter Serum is a light, white cream that dries off quite quickly. It’s not greasy and doesn’t result in any leftover feeling.


This eye serum doesn’t have a fragrance. It has a small chemical smell that fades away quickly and doesn’t have any lingering effect.


The brand recommends to apply a small amount, at least twice a day, morning and night, on clean skin and before applying any makeup, on the outer eye contour, the lower part of the eye lid and on the upper eyelid. Gently massage onto your skin until complete absorption.
We recommend massaging your skin gently, in a circular way, going upwards, for a couple of minutes. It facilitates the blood flow, helps revitalise the skin and the product has a great chance of being absorbed by a larger area.


This 360-degree Eye serum by Matriskin is a multi-correction eye contour serum that helps you diminish and sometimes eliminate wrinkles, puffiness and dark circles. Reducing eye bags and lifting wrinkles is something a lot of women are looking to do, and whatever help they can get is welcome.
Refreshing the appearance of your tired eyes, whether it’s the result of a lack of sleep, environmental or physiological factors, is something that we are able to do, to some extent. The eye perimeter is a common area that dries and irritates easily, especially in women applying multiple products daily.
Some of the key benefits of this product include hydration and nourishment to the delicate skin in the eye area, it reduces lines by stimulating collagen and elation production, and improves wrinkles on the upper eyelids. It also soothes dark circles and reduces eye puffiness, although we would recommend pairing with a product for dark circles reduction.
We would definitely recommend the 360 Eye Perimeter Serum because of its almost immediate effect. After only a few days of use, the area around the eyes looks and feels clearly invigorated, revitalized, hydrated and bright.


The 360 degrees Eye Perimeter serum is priced at 66$ for 15ml. It is more expensive than similar range Lili Margo’s Exhaustive Eye Contour, sold at 79.50$ for a 30ml quantity (double the quantity of the Matriskin serum), and comparable in price to Galenic’s Beauté du Regard Cryo-Booster Cream, sold at 67$ for 15ml.