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Charm Body Lotion - Intensive hydration by Sanita is enhanced with aloe vera. It is especially designed to hydrate normal to dry skin. Read More

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  1. Sabine Akil

    Love it !

    Submitted by Sabine Akil


    Nice smell
    My family (my husband and my baby) loved this aloe vera body lotion because it’s easily blended with deeply hydration and it’s perfect for dry skin
    Honestly this body lotion is our first choice for daily routine after shower ✅

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  2. Marcellina Aghnatios

    A lotion that isn't sticky ?! I didn't see that coming.

    Submitted by Marcellina Aghnatios


    This product has surprised me. What surprised me first was its big size; I don’t think they sell moisturizers in that amount anymore.
    If you are looking for moisturizing effect, this is your product. I love how it melts on the skin directly and it isn’t sticky not on bit. I used to apply it before leaving work in the morning as I am rushing which leads me to my next point.
    The packaging is very easy to use, the handle doesn’t bug, and again the product is very easy to apply and isn’t annoying after application in terms on stickiness and oiliness.’
    I think this product suits my skin in terms of moisturization and hydration.
    If you are looking for deep hydration, I think there are products out there that hydrate more but for my skin as it isn’t very dry it didn’t need more. The odor isn’t very strong; if you are a fan of simple subtle body lotion, this one’s for you.

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  3. Sabine Tannous

    Very deep moisturization - Perfect body lotion for dry skin!!

    Submitted by Sabine Tannous


    This is by far the best body lotion in terms of quality & quantity. I have a dry skin & this product made my day😍 I loved the soft smell of aloe vera and the deep moisturization it gives. I use it after my shower, the hydration lasted until the second day & the skin looked very healthy and smooth. The texture is thick yet non greasy, that way the skin absorbs it quickly so you dont have to wait forever until it dries out. As for the quantity: It has 500 ml so it will last you so much longer than other products. Totally recommended & cant wait to try the coconut smell😍

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Sanita Charm Body Lotion Intensive Hydration is available in white color bottle of 500 ml with drawings inspired by green nature, specifically aloe vera, which is the main ingredient of the product. All information has been mentioned on the back of the bottle, and to get the right amount of lotion, the bottle is equipped with a pump.

Skin type:

This lotion is suitable for normal and dry skin.


The lotion is creamy and thick, but at the same time it is absorbed quickly into the skin upon application. It doesn’t need to be excessively massaged to be seeped into the pores of the skin, and it doesn’t leave any white traces.


When applying the lotion, you can smell its plant-inspired scent, specifically aloe vera. But the smell disappears quickly after a short time from applying the lotion, we would have preferred if the smell was stronger and long lasting to perfume the body, especially after taking a shower.


We put an amount of lotion on the palm of the hand, spread it gently on the skin and then massaged slowly. We used it after every shower, in addition to applying it daily in the morning for two weeks.


During the early days of using the lotion, we noticed that it effectively helped preventing the signs of dryness and flaking. It also helped us in reducing itching that was caused by exposing our dry skin to the sun. This is due to providing a high level of hydration, which also contributed to alleviating skin irritation.
After a period of two weeks, we noticed that the effect of the lotion became greater, not only in terms of reducing the signs of dryness, but the skin’s texture as well became softer with the daily use. This lotion, enriched with aloe vera extract, was able to provide deep hydration, as it was called, provided it is used regularly.
We have noticed two additional things about this lotion: First, it is really suitable for dry skin and doesn’t increase its irritation, on the contrary, it reduces it even when exposed to the sun. Second, it never sticks on the skin since we used to apply it before going out on hot days. moreover, it does not leave any greasy or oily effect at all.
Therefore, this lotion is one of the products that you can add to your daily routine, especially if you suffer from dry skin, a problem that increases in summer as well as in winter.

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