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The Naked 2 palette comes in the usual Urban Decay palette design, hard metallic outside, in a matte grey bronzy tone with the name Naked 2 written in large from one end to the other. Read More

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The Naked 2 palette comes in the usual Urban Decay palette design, hard metallic outside, in a matte grey bronzy tone with the name Naked 2 written in large from one end to the other. The back is quite sober, without any writing except on the bottom, just a quick description and name of the brand. Once you open the palette, the inside top contains a full-size mirror, with the shades and a double-sided brush underneath, on the bottom part the name of each shade written beneath the corresponding eyeshadow. The brush is very practical if you’re putting on makeup outside of home. Overall, this palette is really quite elegant and simple. It’s not very small so not ideal for the carry on.


This Naked Palette contains eyeshadow shades ranging from off-white, Foxy, to black, Blackout, with bronze, gold and silver and nude somewhere in between. The brand defines it as a never-boring taupe-hued neutrals palette. In total there are twelve different shades of eyeshadow in this palette.


There is a mixture of matte and shiny shimmery tones.


This palette doesn’t have a specific perfume, maybe a little chemical smell for a few seconds, as for all makeup products, but without any added scent.


For a light color, run your application brush on the color you wish to apply, then apply across the entire lid from the lash line to just above the crease, sweeping upward toward the brow (without going as high as the brow). For a darker tone, sweep your brush over the darker eye shadow, and be sure to tap off any excess before applying. Start by applying shadow at the outer corner of the eye just above the top lashes. Then sweep it along the eyelid where the brow bone hits the crease, moving the brush in a half-moon from the outer corner of the eye inward toward the center of the eyelid. (Don’t darken the innermost part of the eyelid.)
Pro-tip: You can use your finger if for some reason you can’t find the brush, but be gentle and always use the lighter color first. Also, be careful not to inadvertently touch the rest of your face or you might ruin other areas of your face. Wish is why some people prefer to start with the eyes and then move on to the rest of the face when applying makeup.


Naked 2 is pretty much a basic that every woman who wears eyeshadow needs to have. It is a solid neutral palette; the same way a white shirt or a little black dress are must-haves for your closet, this palette is a must have for your makeup collection if you’re in the habit of wearing eyeshadow.
One of the great things about this palette is that the colors are quite close to what you expect when you look at the eyeshadow. It’s also quite good that the fallout is minimal, when you run your brush trough the color. It lasts quite long on the eyes, and keeps you looking fresh. It’s great for the day, since most shades are light, so you can easily integrate it to your daily routine, for daytime activities like work or otherwise.
However, you can also use some of the darker tones like Snakebite (dark bronze shimmer) or Blackout (blackest black matte) for a night out.
This Palette is best suited for whiter skin tones but the shimmering colors are also adequate for darker skin tones.
Pro-tip: Naked 2 also exists in a smaller size with 6 eyeshadows instead of 12, called Naked 2 Basics. Per its name it contains the basic eyeshadow shades we all need.


The Urban Decay Naked 2 palette is a little expensive, priced at 65.7$, but when you consider there are 12 different shades, it adds up to about 5.5$ per eyeshadow which isn’t too steep. It is however more expensive than the same range Benefit Vanity Flare Nude Eyeshadow Palette, also containing 12 shades and priced at 46.6$.

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