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The tattoo Brow comes in a rectangle dark cardboard box, with a picture of the product printed on it, as well as all the necessary information, such as application tips, ingredients, the name and brand, and a before after photo, of a woman using the product. Once you open the box, you find a medium sized tube, with a shade colored screw on top, ranging from light to dark brown, and a black bottom. The packaging is quite slick and very easy to pack!

Available colors:

Maybelline’s Tattoo Brow 3 Day Gel Tint comes in four different shades: Light Brown, Medium Brown, Dark Brown and Grey Brown.

Tested color:

We tested the Grey Brown on dark brown hair, as the Dark brown didn’t look dark enough.


The product is almost odorless, it has a faint chemical smell that fades away in a few minutes.


The brand advises to apply a layer of the gel to your brows in the desired brow shape, leave it for 20 minutes and then peel and reveal your newly tinted eyebrows. However, we find that if you do that, the tattoo does not come off in one swift go.
Our advice, is to paint it on thicker, for easy peel off, and leave it on for longer than is recommended on the box for more defined and long-lasting colors. The thinly tipped brush is easy to control.

Pro-Tip: Can use a Q-tip to to remove any over application and perfect the lines.


The Tattoo Brow 3 Day Peel-off Gel Tint is a brow gel with a peel-off formula that tints brows for up to three days and gradually fades over time. It is formulated with royal jelly and aloe Vera, and as a result, brows are left tinted and conditioned.

We found the product is very easy to apply, especially when you apply it quite thick. It leaves the brows looking fuller and colored. With fuller brows for example, it won’t do much of a difference, perhaps just fill in some less dense areas and help accentuate the arch.
However, for those of us with sparse brows, this product is very useful.
The effect is quite natural, and the long-lasting formula, means you don’t have to work your brows every day.

It is perfect for going away for the weekend and not wanting to do brows each day.

The shade Grey Brown was the perfect undertone to the hair, as it wasn’t too warm without being too ashy and looked very natural.


The price of this Brow Tattoo Gel is in Lebanon 17$, for 4.9ml. Compared to other products from the same range, it is less expensive. For instance, L’Oréal Paris Paradise Brow Pomade is sold for 18$ for 3ml and Inglot Jennifer Lopez Brow Liner Gel is sold at 23$ for 2ml.


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I’ve heard a lot bout this, but unfortunately I haven’t used it. My sister tried it and it showed up really nice results. The tattoo lasted for 3 days as it claimed because she left it for about 30 mins. I loved this product and will hopefully get it one day.


I have full btow, I tried it on my friend’d brows and it was so satisfying. It lasts for 3 days and the brows looked natural.


I already have full brows, so i couldn’t try it on me, however i tried it on my mom and it does do what it says, which is giving a natural results of a fuller brow. however it doesn’t last more than 2 days.

One of the best

I loved this product because * affordable price * packaging is good * the result is reallly nice so u will have eyebrows for days * plus looks so natural So this is a big YES


I gave a review of 3 starts because I think it is only suitable for people that love natural eyebrow. In case someone doesnt have the perfect eyebrow form and they need to reline it with a pencil. This is not suitable for this person. Whereas for the above case, it works especially during summer where pool is a main!

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