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The L’ORÉAL PARIS ELVIVE Extraordinary Oil hair perfector comes in a transparent 100 ml glass bottle through which the golden colored oil appears. It also comes with a pump dispenser lid that can be easily opened and securely closed in order to prevent any leakage. All the essential information and ingredients have been listed on the back of the bottle.


This hair perfector has a glossy, light-weight, and non-greasy formula.

Hair Type:

As per L’ORÉAL PARIS, this oil is suitable for all hair types.


This hair oil has a pleasant and subtle fragrance.


You will only need 3 to 4 pumps of this oil for each use. L’ORÉAL PARIS does not provide any specific directions for applying this product, but upon testing it, we deduced that the most convenient method of spreading it onto the hair would be through pumping some oil into the palm of your hands, then rubbing both hands together thoroughly. This way, you will feel the oil warm up, then you’ll brush your hands through your hair locks starting at the roots and working your way down to the ends. You can use this method either prior to shampooing or blow-drying your hair.


The L’ORÉAL PARIS ELVIVE Extraordinary Oil can be used at three different stages of hair washing, whatever the hair type: Before washing the hair with shampoo, on damp hair before styling it, or after styling the hair to give it a glossy look.
However, we noticed that the most efficient ways of applying this oil were before washing the hair or directly onto damp hair. Based on that, your hair won’t appear greasy nor will any oil residue remain after washing or drying.
We also tried it as a finishing touch after styling the hair, but the results weren’t quite satisfactory unless we only applied it to the hair ends. Hence, you should completely stay away from the roots or else the glossiness will appear to be overdone and over the top. This applies to all the hair types on which we tested the product: Dry, normal, or oily.
As for the end-result, we noticed that after a month of usage, the dry and rough hair seemed hydrated and easier to style, with less split-ends too. To achieve this result, you should keep using it 3 times a weeks before showering.
After applying this hair perfector on oily hair, it felt intensely nourished and less greasy. As for normal hair, the oil made it sumptuously smooth and silky soft.
The L’ORÉAL PARIS ELVIVE Extraordinary Oil is a product you can count on to reduce hair problems such as dryness, dullness, and roughness. Keep in mind that it is not a one-time treatment though, you should work on incorporating it into your weekly routine in order to achieve the desired results.


In Lebanon, the L’ORÉAL PARIS ELVIVE Extraordinary Oil retails at 11.5 USD for a 100 ml capacity. Its price is almost similar to that of other oils such as Pantene’s Pro-V Repair & Protect Dry Oil which retails at 8 USD for the same capacity. If you’re looking for a cheaper and larger option, you can go for Garnier’s Ultra Doux oil collection that is available in various textures and sold at 4 USD for a 150 ml capacity.


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Curls on Curls😍

My comment is detected to curly heads that suffer the tangled buchy hair like me. I applied this oil before washing with shampoo then after washing with using a hand drier, my hair smelled perfect and it gave me perfect curls with hugeee volume.

Makes Miracles

For me at the beginning I said ok so as usual I will try this product but I know it will not work. My hair is super dry, curl that is why I was searching for treatments. The first time I realised a big change in my hair I used it before taking shower. And Till now I am using it once per month as mask for my hair and when I have a special event I use it after doing my hair with a baby lisse. Most of people realised a big change in my hair because of L’oreal elvive; I used to do my hair with the hair dryer and with baby lisse but now I barely use them. Thank you so much for l’areal for having such treatments for our hair. Thank you Ouousa for mentioning this product here.

L’ORÉAL PARIS Elvive Extraordinary Oil

This hair treatment oil from L’OREAL comes in a dispenser glass bottle . its formula has a very pleasant smell. Just put a small amount not more than 4 drops or your hair will become oily into your palm and slicked it through your hair. This oil has many benefits you can use it before the shower to nourish your hair, after the shower to soften your hair and you can use it as a leave in before blowdrying to protect your hair from the heat &brushing. after several uses your hair will become healthy, soft, and silky.


I LOVE THIS OIL! My mom and I used it when spending the day on the pool or at the beach. We drop little of oil every while and then during our day to prevent its dryness due to the sun, sea salt and chlorinated water. My mom’s hair is dry mine is oily..so I think it suits ll types of hair when used properly. One additional usage, whenever you need to create that wet hair look at home.. you can simply use it with water. 😉

Shiny hair 😍

This oil works pretty well on my hair!! I have very thick hair that always get tangled easily. just apply the oil and once my hair dries, it feels so soft and smooth with an amazing smell!!

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