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The Dercos nutrients detox shampoo comes in a sleek 250ml cylindrical transparent dark green container that gives it a natural ingredient feel. Read More

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  1. Christelle Bany

    Love it

    Submitted by Christelle Bany


    I used this product lately, my hair doesn’t get oily as it used to and i felt that shampoo is getting deep into the roots

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The Dercos nutrients detox shampoo comes in a sleek 250ml cylindrical transparent dark green container that gives it a natural ingredient feel. It also comes with a white screw lid and pump attached to it.

Hair Type Tested On:

Although this shampoo is meant to reduce excess oil in hair and scalp, it also has a detoxifying effect as its name suggests. Therefore, we tested it on oily hair and normal hair as well.


This shampoo has a very light and pleasant floral scent that leaves a fresh feeling unlike most detoxifying shampoos which can have a slight foul smell due to some ingredients. It contains spirulina and charcoal which both don’t have any unpleasant fragrances.

Texture and consistency:

This shampoo has a clear color and a normal consistency, it is neither too thick nor too thin and lathers well and is easy to rinse without weighing down hair.


For oily hair: this shampoo impressed us. After using it for 3 weeks we noticed that even on a hot summer day, hair does not get oily as quickly as usual. We even tested it on straightened hair because any one with oily hair knows that when straightened it tends to get oily quicker and the result was that hair lasted longer than usual. We tried to see how long it would take before roots would start getting greasy and we noticed that hair can easily last up to 3 days before starting to get that oily shine. Upon application you instantly feel a cold pleasant sensation on the scalp, you feel as if the shampoo is getting deep into the roots to clean them out.

As for normal hair: we felt like it left them a bit dry especially the ends of the hair that felt a bit scattered. So, we do not really recommend for people who don’t have oily hair or scalp.
We should also mention two important points; unlike other detox shampoos, this one doesn’t affect colored hair. Moreover, we tested it along with the Dercos nutrients detox conditioner and noticed that this gave even better results and left hair feeling very soft and tangle free after showering. So, we recommend using it alongside the conditioner for better results.


The Dercos nutrients detox shampoo officially sells at 21$ for a capacity of 250 ml, which is comparable to other shampoos also dedicated for oily hair like Ducray Sabal Absorbing Shampoo sold also at 21$ but for 200ml and Phyto PhytoCédrat Purifying Treatment Shampoo sold at 20$ for 200ml.

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