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The Masque Thérapiste is one of 4 products in Kérastase’s Thérapiste line which is made of a shampoo, pre-shampoo conditioner, mask and serum. This review is related to the mask. Read More

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  1. Carol Nabhan

    Skip the purchase?

    Submitted by Carol Nabhan


    I’ve been using this for atleast 3 months, i use this, and the nutritive one with the orange cap. It claims to unbelievably nourish your hair from root to ends, fiber by fiber to sooth and close your broken ends, make it softest you could ever imagine, say adios to all your split end nightmares… improve your hair overtime.. seen non of that.
    My market bought conditioner does a better job at hydrating. Its a waist of money, i regretted the purchase.
    Tbh its too overpriced and REALLY did NOT deliver. And this was A hairdresser’s reccomendation.
    Resistance didn’t do hardly any hydration at all?! What is with these claims?! And it smells like pure chemicals. MY hair dresser said your hair isn’t damaged, its not for you, its not MEANT to hydrate anyway (unlike the claims of the product), i should go for Nutritive magistral instead, so i went to buy it hoping for real results, unfortunately no, a dissappointment too. Indeed it did hydrate more, but not more than my regular conditioner. So huge waist of money.
    I tried all the methods, try for long periods of time? 3+ months..
    Tried having sit for longer time? Had it sit for atleast 30 minutes, and many times had it stay for up to 3 hours.
    Tried having sit for 5-10 minutes? Same as my conditioner results.
    Logic says, the more you pay, the more you get. Thats NOT the case unfortunately. Its just trial and error

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The Masque Thérapiste is one of 4 products in Kérastase’s Thérapiste line which is made of a shampoo, pre-shampoo conditioner, mask and serum. This review is related to the mask.


The mask comes in an opaque dark blue green container with a capacity of 200ml.

Hair Type Tested On:

The mask was used on very long, light curly hair with a tendency to oil and fall.

Smell& Texture:

The mask smelled fresh, but it does not overpower with a thick creamy, non-foaming texture that spreads in a buttery way on the hair.


When hair becomes damaged by multiple factors such as heat styling or harsh environmental conditions proteins called Keratin Associated Proteins (KAPs) disappear. These proteins are responsible for binding keratin together and in turn are essential for maintaining the structure of the hair fiber. So when they disappear, the internal architecture of the hair begins to collapse, leading to breakage, splitting, weakness, limp, and dull locks.

Kérastase has isolated the compound responsible for this rejuvenation in the sap of the plant Myrothamnus Flabellifolia and created a compound called FIBRA-KAPTM, a powerful complex to compensate for the loss of KAPs in hair fiber due to damages.

As mentioned, the range includes a shampoo, pre-shampoo conditioner, mask and serum. The mask itself acts as a deeper therapy product which fuses onto the hair to fill it with reparative facilities that restore the fiber. Tested once per week, this product reduced significantly split ends and the dryness of the hair.

Usage methodology involved wetting the hair and then lathering the roots and ends with the mask and letting it sit for a minimum of 20 minutes on the scalp. For even better results, keep the product in for longer – it will not damage the hair.


“Kérastase Masque Thérapiste” is sold for $47/200ml. Since this is a mask and not a shampoo, this investment will not put a dent in your pocket: the mask will last for a minimum of 10-12 weeks – depending on quantity used each time.