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This product comes in a 200ml opaque white tube with a cover in the shape of the hook. This hook cover is very practical when it comes to hanging the product easily inside the shower without it taking up too much space


The gel intime has a pure antiseptic smell that is actually quite pleasant and not overpowering


The product has the same consistency as a soap-free shampoo: more liquid than thick


To use the product, pour a small amount onto the palm of your hand and gently massage the external vaginal areas and then rinse with warm (not hot) water.


The product was used on a daily basis for a period of 10 days and upon application, the gel feels very gentle and soft. It foams easily without excess which allows it to clean the mucous and any other bacteria leaving the area clean and refreshed.

The gel is a soap and paraben free & hypoallergenic cleansing solution which contains Calendula – a plant known for its soothing properties – which makes this product suitable for girls and women of all ages as the process maintains the natural balance of the vaginal flora without causing any negative side effect such as irritation, redness or allergies.

The product can be used on a daily basis as part of the hygiene routine during the shower.


The Gel Intime retails for a price of 16.5$/200ml but it is possible to find other similar products in the market such as Gyn-Phy Toilette Intime Fraicheur de Uriage at 16$/200ml but there are more affordable options as well such as Saforelle Soin Lavant Doux which retails at 6.95$/250ml.


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Great product

It is a great product, that doesn’t cause any rashes to sensitive skin and is very good. And makes you feel super clean and comfortable


Perfect for daily use. The smell of the product is pleasant and it has no negative side effect.

best of the best

Best product ever I simply loved it


Good product even my doctor ordered it

👌🏼👌🏼👌🏼 THE BEST !!

One of the best products !!! it is totally worth the money 👍🏼👍🏼👍🏼👍🏼 it makes you feel fresh and clean at the minute you apply it .

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