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The Pupa Milano Desert Bronzing Powder comes in a plastic box with a transparent circular frame and a brown colored lid embossed with the brand name in gold. The box closes securely to preventing powder spilling, and once you open it you’ll find a practical mirror to facilitate application. Keep in mind that the box is fairly big in size though, so you might find it challenging to fit in your makeup bag. It doesn’t come with an applicator brush either, so make sure that you have your own.

Available colors:

This bronzer is available in two colors: Honey gold #2 and Amber Light #3.

Tested color:

Amber Light #3.


The Pupa Desert Bronzing Powder is compact, not loose. It is very sheer and easy to blend.


This bronzer has a faint, pleasant smell.


To bronze your face entirely, use a blush brush to distribute the powder. Make sure to apply a minimal amount of powder to the brush as to avoid overdoing the look.


What we first noticed about this bronzer was its matte finish that made it suitable for daytime wear, emphasizing the natural, unexaggerated look we’re opting for, while other bronzers tend to focus more on adding shimmer to the face. Upon application, the Desert Bronzing Powder gives off a sheer, bronzing touch without leaving any brown or orange patches as it usually happens with bronzer. To avoid that, be keen on spreading it out with a wide brush when applying it to the whole face in order to blend it in well with foundation or any other products you have on. The bronzer’s effect lasted for around 5 hours post-application on normal skin. It is best to retouch your look afterwards.
We also applied this bronzer on the neck and upper chest while wearing a strapless dress, which matched the warm, bronze color of the face. However, it is best to avoid places high in temperature if you have this bronzing powder applied to your face or body as it could clump up due to sweating.


The Desert Bronzing Powder retails at 25.3$ per 35 grams, which is considered to be cheap in comparison with other bronzing powders. Guerlain’s Terracotta Bronzing Powder retails at 72$ for 10 grams only. Similarly, Caudalie’s Teint Divin Mineral Bronzing Powder retails at 39$ per 10 grams, whereas Nuxe Bronzing Powder Eclat Prodigieux sells at 49$ per 25 grams.


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WOWWW WHAT A BRONZER! Super nice color I love love love itttt, and will never use anything but it


I reallyyyy loved the texture and bronze color.. its a must have!!


Good product, nice color but unfortunately it doesn’t fit with my skin color, lovely touch.


pupa bronzer is definitely becoming one of my favorite bronzers ! The package is huge The shade is amazing and it doesnt look orange when applied on It is bery well pigemnted but still blends perfectly It is the perfect bronzer for natural looks I absolutely love this product !

the most natural bronzer

i really iked this product !! it is the most natural bronzer , it is not that soo orange bronzer when applied on your face

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