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Herome Nourishing Nail Oil comes in a navy cardboard box on which all of the essential product information is printed. Read More

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Herome Nourishing Nail Oil comes in a navy cardboard box on which all of the essential product information is printed. The nail polish container is a triangular-shaped glass bottle, and it is very sleek and lightweight. It is also equipped with a sponge-tip applicator that looks just like that of a gloss or liquid lipstick, which makes it easier to use and apply on the nails without causing a mess like the traditional bristle brush applicator would.


This nail polish oil has a refreshing, citrusy smell that doesn’t cause any irritation upon application.


It has a lightweight, liquid texture.


Remove any excess nail polish off of your nails. Apply the oil to the nails and cuticles using the sponge-tip applicator and then massage it in. It is preferable to go over this at night to avoid getting your nails wet and to soak in all the nourishing ingredients found in this oil. It is also suitable for use on dry toenails.


We tried out this oil on split nails, a problem that usually impairs nail growth and elongation. The splitting used to occur at any slight attempt to grow out the nails, and not many treatments available were actually effective. What first drew our attention was the quick rate at which the nails and cuticles absorb the oil. We weren’t at all concerned that the oiliness would last long on the hands and prevent us from washing them to preserve the effect. Absorption was rapid and instantaneous after having the oil massaged in.
After using this oil for 3 consecutive days, the nails stopped splitting, which improved their growth without any breaking. 15 days later, the recommended duration for optimal results, the effect was much more visible: longer, split and crack-free nails that can endure any injuries thanks to the suppleness provided by the oil. The results obtained were expected since the product contains almond and lemon oil, both of which are known for their reparative properties.
Moreover, this oil works on restoring the cuticles to make them soft and supple again, all while treating the dryness resulting from daily external factors they’re exposed to. As a result of continuous application over 15 days, the cuticle was no longer cracked but looked uniform and hydrated. For this reason, it is essential to make this oil part of your daily nail care routine, seeing that you can apply nail polish shortly after it dries out. It won’t take you too long to notice the difference it makes.


This nail oil retails at 12.9 USD per 10 ml in Lebanon. It is a bit pricier than Sally Hansen’s Vitamin E Nail & Cuticle Treatment sold at 10 USD per 13 ml, or Gabriella Salvete’s Nail & Cuticle Oil at 10 USD per 11 ml.

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