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Lexy Nail Couture varnish comes in a 15 ml square-shaped glass bottle through which the nail polish color appears. It also has a black cap that closes securely.

Available colors:

This nail polish collection consists of 84 colors that range between different shades of nude, red, purple, pink, and dark colors such as brown and grey.

Tested Color:

We tried out 4 different colors from this collection:
– Distorted Gravity #45: light nude.
– Shockwave #46: red.
– Reaching Levitation #47: hot pink.
– Free fall #48: bright pink.


A strong, unpleasant smell upon application. One similar to that of most nail polish brands.


This nail polish has a lightweight, liquid formula that spreads out effortlessly on the nails.


We tried out different colors from the Lexy Nail Couture collection four times in a row. Once applied, we noticed that there was no need to apply a second coat as the color popped out and covered the entire nail from the first go, particularly the red one. In case you’re opting for a thicker layer, there’s absolutely no need to worry that a second coat will cause any clumping or chipping with time. This nail polish dries out a few minutes after application and even before applying a top coat.
As for durability, if you apply transparent nail polish as a base coat and finish off with a top coat, this nail polish will last you for 8 days on end. It will last you for around 4 days if you wear it without a base and top coat though.

If you’re experiencing yellow nails due to the use of certain nail polish brands, rest assured that you won’t be facing that with Lexy Nail Couture. In addition, this nail polish is quite easy to remove as only a small amount of nail polish remover is sufficient to wipe it off completely.


This nail polish retails at 8.5 USD in Lebanon, a price lower than that of other good quality nail polish like Essie at 12 USD. China Glaze nail polish, however, is sold at 7.6 USD, a price close to Lexy’s. If you’re looking for a less expensive nail polish brand, you can go for Dali Cosmetics at 2.3 USD and Samoa at 4 USD.


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Good nail polish

Has a beautiful colours and stays about 4 days .

Good nail polish

Has a beautiful colours and stays about 4 days .

Good nail polish

Has a beautiful colours and stays about 4 days .

Adore this item

I love this nail polish . The polish spreads widely on the nail and doesn’t need other cover. It dries quickly and the colors are wow😍😍😍

Best nail polish ever

Actually every 2 days i do change the color on my nails at leas beauty center and she have many brand , i alway choose lexy brand because its really amazing and fast dry . Also when i travel its long lasting .

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