Hind AL Ammouri
4 out of 5
Submitted by Hind AL Ammouri


Hight protection, favorite of all the skin types especially the sensitive skin, I loved it

Nadine Mardini
5 out of 5

Amazing Sunscreen

Submitted by Nadine Mardini


I have been using this product for 3 months now. I wanted to wait and evaluate the full effect of this sunscreen moisturizer. And I can simply say that it's amazing!! It has a very light texture so it spreads and gets absorbed by the skin easily not leaving any trace of greasiness at the same time moisturizing the dry areas (I have combination skin) so it balances out and works well on all areas of my face. It smells nice however you do notice the cream smell, but it's not annoying, I found it to be pleasant. Efficacy wise, as a sunscreen it's really amazing. I get freckles and sun spots and work as a medical sales representative so most of my time is on the road in the sun and since I started using this sunscreen I didn't get any additional freckles or sun damage spots. And it feels so light, Usually I find it hard to stay compliant with sunscreen because they're either too greasy (cream formulas) either too dry (fluide formulas) however this one is the perfect balance as it gets absorbed, feels light and doesn't dry out the skin. And I don't understand the mechanism of anti pollution but at the end of the day you do feel that your skin did not catch much dust and residues, so I guess it does work on the anti-pollution scale. Definitely would buy again once mine runs out.

Jawhara Fanedoul
3 out of 5
Submitted by jawhara fanedoul


hight protection favori pour tous les types de peau excellent produit

Faten Komaiha
5 out of 5

Great product

Submitted by Faten Komaiha


I really loved it. First it has an amazing scent. It didnt greese my face at all. It gave a my face a natural glow and kept my face protected all day without any greesiness. Another thing is that it didnt clog my pores at all. Highlyy recommend