Rita Chaghoury
4 out of 5

loved it!

Submitted by rita chaghoury


"i used the day and night cream and after using it for a while i noticed a lot of changes in my face, it moisturizes your skin and keeps it hydrate it throughout the day! i loved it and very highly recommended."

Natasha Esta
5 out of 5

Shine on

Submitted by Natasha Esta


"I have been using this product for 2 months now, and thanks to it I stopped using foundation. My skin is glowing, my tone is evened. My acne scars are reduced and my skin is very soft. The smell of the product does not bother me at all. It dries fast and does not feel sticky on the skin."

Joy Trad
5 out of 5

Face lighten

Submitted by Joy Trad


"I used the day, night and under eyes creams and I loved the texture, it is very absorbent and it enlighten your face. Highly recommended"

Laeticia Aoun
5 out of 5

Super Cream

Submitted by Laeticia Aoun


I loved this day cream! Not only it moisturises your skin for the whole day but it makes it glow too. Your skin looks youthful and smooth. I have a dry skin and this product really helped me hydrate it. I highly recommend it and i think this is a beautiful discovery. I will definitely buy it!