Patricia Batruny
3 out of 5
Submitted by Patricia Batruny


What I like about this product is that it gives quick results and the difference is recognizable. However, at the end of the day, it gives a slightly bad smell and sometimes gets on the clothes.

Dalal Beydoun
5 out of 5

It's actually works !!! With no chemicals

Submitted by Dalal Beydoun


Due to shaving lately I had a dark underarm and always feeling shy to show After using beesline roll on for 3 months the darkness is 80% less and yet the best to come I noticed the less darkness since week 4 and I kept on using it and I'm so satisfied I use out daily despite that it's helping me to get my skin tone It really works by preventing wetness and bad smell under the arms all day For application apply on dry and clean under arm wait a bit till it dry before putting on clothes and enjoy the freshness All day I highly recommend it!!!

Nagham Ayad
5 out of 5
Submitted by nagham ayad


Theeee besttt

Joelle Diya
4 out of 5


Submitted by Joelle Diya


Lately I suffered from darkness under my arm due tl shaving. So,due to instagram I saw a review that this product by beesline has a whitening effect so I ordered it and started trying it since 4 weeks ago.Therefore, I would like to share you my experience with beesline products and especially this one! ♦️This products had a slight effect after using it on the first days but within time the whitening effect became more and more ♦️ Second, it is organic! it contains Aloe Vera that helps to moistrize the under arm are ♦️It contains Alum Rock powder that absorbs unpleasand orders and wetness and others ingredients. ♦️It is a gentle products for people who have a sensitive skin like me ♦️To me I do not like its smell but it js okay since it helped me reduce the darkness ♦️ I recommend it ✔️✔️