Danielle Waked
5 out of 5


Submitted by danielle waked


I love this product from RF! Best for daily use. Keeps my hair shiny and fresh. Thumbs up

Veronique Abou Ghazaleh
5 out of 5

The daily shampoo to rely on

Submitted by Veronique Abou Ghazaleh


This gentle daily-use shampoo leaves hair soft, shiny and bouncy, I tried it for 2 weeks and the result was already clear. It's like you are plunging your hair in a bath plant with all its benefits!

Dana Kibbi
5 out of 5


Submitted by Dana Kibbi


Loved this product! The lather is great and a little goes a really long way. The scent is so fresh but doesn't really last for long. I would definitely buy the full product and see the long= term effect on my hair!

Mariam Ghemrawi
4 out of 5

this really helps hair growth I swear by it!

Submitted by Mariam Ghemrawi


"This is my favorite, it helps your hair grow by cleaning the scalp so the hair can grow it's full diameter and it is very gentle. Firstly, I love the smell. It's fresh and smells like spring. However the fragrance won't linger in your hair. I've used it for about a month and so far my hair seems to be quite happy. My hair texture is on the dry and wavy side, but it's been behaving better since I used this shampoo. It feels more moisturised with less flyaways, but without weighing down my hair at all. The downside of this shampoo is actually the packaging. I find it hard to control how much shampoo comes out as it's runny, and end up using more shampoo than i need. You don't need a lot with this as it lathers well. If you are looking for a good in-between shampoo, i believe this works well. I think this shampoo is making my hair look better than ever."