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The Benefit Benetint Cheek & Lip stain comes in a glass bottle, similar to that of nail polish, which has a white lid adorned with small beads and a zigzag-shaped upper edge. Even its applicator is the same one used for nail polish. This bottle is also available in a mini size that you can easily carry in a makeup bag. It is designed in the same way, minus the beads and zigzag edges.


This product consists of a liquid formula that spreads out effortlessly on the lips.


This cheek & lip stain is infused with the scent of fresh rose water.

Available colors:

The color of the stain appears to be red through the bottle, but it turns out to be rose-tinted upon application. You can find this stain in other colors: Gogotint (dark pink shade), Lollitint (purple shade), Chachatint (orange shade), and Posietint (bright pink shade).


You can either use this stain to color in the lips by applying a few drops and massaging it out, or to add a pop of color to the cheeks by applying a few drops and massaging it out until they turn rosy.


This stain gives off a rose-tinted color on the lips. It can replace any other product, like lipstick or gloss, in case you don’t wish to use them. Your lips will come out all rosy and natural, with no sign of stain applied.
This color doesn’t last for long though, it stays in place for 3 to 4 hours before having to reapply it. However, if you apply the stain first and follow up with lipstick or gloss, your lips will charmingly reflect the color and will look even fuller.
We’d like to draw your attention to the fact that this stain dries out in no time. So it’s better to quickly pat it dry with your fingers when you slide it on, otherwise the color might come out patchy and uneven.
As for the cheeks, one layer is not enough to make the rosy color pop. You need to apply two or even three layers to notice the difference. In spite of that, the results are quite satisfactory as the cheeks appear flushed for around three to four hours as well. So it is best to keep this product on you in order to slide it on whenever you feel that the rosy color you desire has faded out from your lips or cheeks.


The full size Benetint Cheek & Lip is sold at 43 USD per 10 ml. This price is considered to be fair in comparison with Dior Addict Lip Tattoo which is sold at 39 USD per 6 ml only.


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Very natural and simple to apply

I would definitely give thi a five star. 1. VERY EASY TO APPLY. Just few drops and your fingers to blend it and you are good to go. 2. Very natural. It doesn’t feel or look like you have a big pink bomb on your cheeks. I really like using it once I’m tanned and I really don’t want to put any makeup on so I apply this on myself and it gives me this peachy sunburnt look. 3. Very travel friendly. The packaging is just super easy and simple. It’s like a bottle of water if closed correctly it will not drop the product to the outside. You can easily carry it in your bag to any event. 4. Lasts longer than a powder obviously. Powder blushes fall off easily especially if the base (foundation, concealer, etc) isn’t perfected. This is for days where you dont feel like wearing much but still want to add some life to your face. What i like about benefit is that it always seeks a natural finish! 👏🏼👏🏼

Bene Tint

When I applied it on my cheeks, it honestly didn’t blend very well. If you are looking for a very subtle lip tint, then I would recommend this product. It’s good for a super natural look during the day.


I LOVE this from benefit 😍😍If your looking for something that is long lasting👏👏 but also natural looking then this is for you!👌 when applying to your cheeks make sure to just put a small dot on your cheek bone then use your finger to spread and apply same with the lips it ensures a natural but noticeable look. this is one of my go to products and definitely use this daily! Recommend!!

Red Rose Tint

This beauty product is sold in small glass bottles so practical to be handled in your purse. The smell of rose flowers is so refreshing and the liquid formula is easily spread on the skin or lips. You will only need a very little drop to give that great pinky tint that will last on your skin a long time (even if you eat and clean your face). I recommend it but consider its price a bit expensive for such a small quantity (around 45$ for a bottle of 10ml).

loved it

my favorite of this month’s box! The mini size is perfect. The natural reddish tint it gives to the lips is so subtle, i really loved it and will definitely buy this product again. As for the cheeks, it worked for me too as I don’t use foundation. I don’t think it’ll blend correctly with a foundation because of it’s texture. perfect for a natural everyday look.

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